Hit & Run Accident Kills Cook County Officer

A 38-year-old Cook County correctional officer was hit and killed by a hit-and-run driver while on her way to work late Wednesday night. The fatal pedestrian accident happened right outside of the Southwest Side county jail. NBC Chicago reports that the driver who caused the woman’s wrongful death fled the scene and is at large.

“I can’t understand how this could happen, the person who did this just hit her like she was a piece of paper and left her there,” the woman’s husband said while holding their 7-year-old daughter. “She was a sweet person and she was supermom.”

The accident occurred shortly before 11 p.m. on Wednesday. Witnesses say that the woman was thrown into another lane of traffic where she was struck by a sheriff’s car. Footage of the scene shows several concerned county sheriff officers standing around the woman’s umbrella on the pavement.

The pedestrian accident is not a surprise to many workers at the county jail. One county social worker said that she does not feel safe crossing the street where the crash happened.

“They need a stop sign,” the county social worker told reporters. “Division 5 has a stop sign. Why doesn’t Division 10 have one?”