Trampoline Accident Injures Two Children

Illinois parents know that summertime activities for children can be hazardous without proper supervision. Children are particularly vulnerable to bone fractures and sprain injuries, which is why many places that cater to children’s recreational needs have strict safety measures in place to lessen the likelihood of such injuries.

Two suburban Chicago trampoline centers are being sued by parents who allege that the establishments failed to follow their own safety rules. The failure of the employees to comply with their own safety rules allegedly caused children in both cases to suffer broken legs and other personal injuries.

The lawsuits were filed against Sky High Sports in Niles and Xtreme Trampolines in Carol Stream. Managers at the centers were not aware of the litigation but insisted that their employees are properly trained to monitor the safety of child visitors.

Reuters reported that the parents may run into problems based on the overly broad waivers that they had to sign prior to their children participating in trampoline center activities.

Both centers force participants to sign waivers that specifically exclude litigation based on employee negligence but is unclear whether these very broad waivers are enforceable. The waivers do not bar a potential settlement between the trampoline centers and the parents of the injured children.