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How Do I File a Personal Injury Claim?

If you get injured in Illinois as the result of somebody else’s negligence, you could potentially obtain financial compensation by pursuing a claim for damages. How do you file a personal injury claim?

Make a Formal Request

A personal injury claim involves making a formal request to the responsible party and that party’s insurance company for compensation, also known as a “third-party claim.” Once the claim is received, the insurer will begin processing it, but keep in mind that financial recovery is never guaranteed. The insurance carrier will most likely investigate the incident to determine whether its insured was actually at fault.

Even if the insured’s liability is established, it is important to understand that insurance companies have an incentive to minimize their level of financial exposure. This may motivate an insurer to downplay the degree of its insured’s guilt or the extent of the injured party’s damages. Experienced legal counsel could be crucial in overcoming these and other objections from an insurance company.

Other Steps in Pursuing a Personal Injury Claim

In addition to notifying the at-fault party and that party’s insurance carrier, an injured victim should contact his or her own insurance company or agent to see if there is relevant coverage that may apply.

Witness statements and pictures could also be very useful in determining liability and documenting the extent of any damages.

The injured victim should also be sure to file an incident report with the police if one has not already been filed. This will put the claimant’s version of events on record and help to establish the identity of the party or parties at fault.

Retain a Dedicated Personal Injury Attorney

It is important to take all the necessary steps when filing a personal injury claim because getting fully and fairly compensated may depend upon how compellingly the damages are conveyed. For this reason, many wrongfully injured people find that they might benefit from retaining a knowledgeable attorney to assist them with their claim, such as the personal injury attorneys at GWC Injury Lawyers LLC.

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