GWC Obtains Nearly $1 Million for HVAC Technician in Truck Accident

HVAC technician
Bennett J. Baker

GWC attorney Bennett J. Baker has obtained a settlement worth more than $987,000.00 for an HVAC technician who was injured in a truck accident in Frankfort, IL.

Serious Injuries, Loss of Profession for HVAC Technician

In December 2017, Mr. Baker’s client was operating his sedan southbound on LaGrange Road, approaching its intersection with Laraway Road, which was guarded by a green light. At that time, an 80,000-pound truck was heading eastbound on Laraway Road, approaching its intersection with LaGrange Road, which was guarded by a red light. The driver of the truck then disregarded the red light and headed into the intersection, where he collided with the client’s vehicle.

The HVAC technician had to be airlifted to an area hospital for serious injuries, including a right labral shoulder tear, multiple fractures of the left foot, a concussion, post-concussive headaches, and ligament damage. After two months of conservative treatment, the client was required to undergo surgery to repair his right shoulder, followed by a physical therapy regimen.

Ultimately, the client’s injuries prevented him from returning to his job as an HVAC technician, forcing him to switch professions to a lower-paying job.

GWC Obtains Full Policy Limits Available

In seeking to obtain fair compensation for his client, Mr. Baker filed suit against the truck’s driver and his employer and fought vigorously to overcome the Defense’s objections. He was aided by his expert work in a deposition he conducted with an eyewitness to the truck accident. The witness said he was traveling directly behind the truck when its driver ignored the red light and entered the intersection.

“The witness confirmed that the truck driver moved into the intersection against a red light and struck my client,” said Mr. Baker. “The Defense could not reasonably argue that the client was at fault.”

Mr. Baker was able to settle his client’s case without going to trial for $987,988.31, the full insurance policy limits available in this matter.

Let a Chicago Truck Accident Attorney Fight for You

The insurance companies representing the at-fault parties involved in a truck accident have a financial incentive to fight a wrongfully injured Plaintiff every step of the way. They may try to downplay liability or shift blame outright to another party in order to reduce the amount of compensation they have to pay out. It is essential that injured victims have somebody to fight back, like the truck accident attorneys at GWC Injury Lawyers.

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