Injured Pedestrian Case Settles For $6.25 Million

Chicago aldermen recently approved a $6.25 million payment to a pedestrian who suffered a severe brain injury after a drunk city worker hit a group of people on a Gold Coast sidewalk. The Chicago Tribune reports that the case is far from being completely settled however three other pedestrians have filed lawsuits related to this incident.

In the May 2011 crash, authorities say that the city worker had a blood alcohol level of 0.183 percent, which is more than twice the legal limit of 0.08 percent. A bottle of brandy was found to be stuck under the gas pedal of the truck.

The pedestrian that will receive the $6.25 million settlement was a computer scientist who will not be able to return to his prior profession or fully regain his prior independence. The lawsuit was brought by the man and his wife, who was also injured in the crash. The couple claims to have already spent $572,000 on his medical treatment.

Other victims of this crash include a nanny who was pushing a 20-month-old girl in a stroller at the time of the accident. The nanny managed to push the toddler out of the way to safety before being severely injured by the city worker’s truck.