Louis C. Cairo Discusses Coronavirus Lawsuits, Workers’ Compensation Changes on WCPT

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On May 28, GWC Injury Lawyers Managing Partner Louis C. Cairo appeared on WCPT’s talk show Joan Esposito Live, Local & Progressive.

Louis and Joan discussed lawsuits that businesses may be facing over the coronavirus pandemic, from both employees and customers. They also spoke about a recently passed bill in Illinois that would lower the burden of proof for essential employees who contract COVID-19, making it easier for them to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

Louis praised the new legislation for “putting people before profits.”

“These people are exposed every single day to getting COVID-19,” said Louis.  “Someone has to pay for these people’s medical bills. Someone has to pay while they’re off work for their compensation. Someone has to make sure that they’re taken care of.

“And that’s part of being an employer,” he added.  “You take a little bit of the risk with the ability to get all of the benefits. So that’s why this is a great law to have for working people.”


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