Miami Parking Garage Collapse ? First Lawsuit Filed GWC

Four workers were killed in October when a Miami parking structure collapsed on its crew. The construction accident happened at the site of suburban Miami-Dade College’s Doral campus, and generated national headlines.

The first wrongful death lawsuit related to the construction accident was filed this week. The lawsuit was brought by the family of a construction worker who was driving a cement truck at the time of the collapse.

Authorities say that it took about 17 hours to extricate the man from the rubble and that rescue workers had to amputate his legs to transport him to the hospital where he ultimately died.

The family’s attorney claims that the construction company and contractors were grossly negligent and reckless.

“The defendants built a house of cards with a conscious disregard for the dangers associated with the project, and it eventually came tumbling down, killing innocent people and devastating families,” the attorney said. “This type of outrageous conduct must not be tolerated, and we hope this incident will serve as a reminder of the dangers associated with construction and help to ensure the stability of buildings and the safety of the hardworking people that construct them.”

The facility was allegedly inspected days before the collapse. The construction company says that it is cooperating with local and federal investigations into the incident.