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12 Year Sentence For Former Burr Oak Cemetery Director

Last week, Carolyn Towns, the former director of Burr Oak Cemetery in Alsip, Illinois, received a twelve-year prison sentence for her involvement in the cemetery scandal that came to light in the summer of 2009.  Towns pled guilty to six out of the seven felony counts levied against her, including dismembering a human body, damaging over ten gravestones, desecration of human remains, removal of human remains of multiple deceased human beings from a cemetery, conspiracy to dismember multiple human bodies, and theft from a place of worship.The investigation that led up to these charges showed that Towns had amassed close to $300,000 in connection with her role in the scandal.  During Towns’ hearing, prosecutors alleged that the former director collected money from families of the recently deceased and proceeded to order Burr Oak employees to bury the bodies in gravesites that were already occupied.While the sentencing of the former Burr Oak director should provide a modicum of relief for the many families affected by this tragedy, criminal charges against three cemetery employees who worked under Towns’ direction are still pending.

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