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Pedestrian Safety on National Walk to School Day

october-walk-to-school-dayIn 1997, Walk to School Day in the United States became an official day-long event to create awareness about the importance of walkable communities. By 2000, an International Walk to School Month was formed for October when the United States, United Kingdom and Canada joined together to participate. There are many benefits of walking to school as well as ways you can participate.

Why you should walk to school:

Creating healthier habits One way to increase your physical activity during the day is to walk. Walking to school daily may be a way for children and parents to bond and receive the exercise needed to create healthier habits.

Walking can be fun It is true! Walking can be a fun way to enjoy independence and move away from reliance on motor vehicles.

Communal perks By walking together as a community, you may enjoy social interaction, minimize traffic jams and even increase a feeling of community.

Environmental benefits By walking your children to school, you might be reducing air pollution from motor vehicle emissions as well as cutting down on the volume of traffic congestion in your neighborhood.

Safety awareness Walking may promote the formation of safety educational programs, the creation of more sidewalks and the addition of traffic control stops. If you have young children, it is wise to walk with them to school to ensure their safety while crossing streets. Pedestrian accidents can be avoided. For older children, enacting the buddy system is a way for preteens and teens to stay safer from predators and have another set of eyes to watch out for cars.

If you are fortunate enough to live within walking distance to your childs school, participating in International Walk to School this month may be easy for you. For families who do not live close to their childrens schools, they may decide to meet at a certain point close enough so that they can participate in walking their children to school. Safety is important. Be aware of your surroundings and abide by traffic rules to avoid accidents.

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