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What to Do if You Are Injured at Work

Workplace-InjuryNo one ever expects to be injured while on the job. Unfortunately, it does happen. Whether you have suffered a fractured ankle, sprained wrist, injured back or something much worse such a burns or traumatic brain injury, it is important to know what you should do if you have been hurt at work.

Below are a few steps you should take immediately following an injury at work.

Assess Your Injury

Some of the most common work injuries are strains, sprains, fractures and tears, which are commonly caused by overexertion or falling on the job. These types of injuries also often take time to develop. If you have been injured while at work, take a moment to evaluate and assess the extent of your injury. Do not make the quick assumption that you are fine and can jump back into working immediately. This could make things worse.

Report Your Injury

One of the most important things you should do after being injured while at work is to report your injury to your employer. Your employer may not have been aware of your injury, so you should inform them in writing by completing the proper paperwork. You will have 45 days to inform them, but sooner is better.

Seek Medical Treatment

After you have suffered an injury at work, you should see your doctor right away. If you wait, it may be more difficult for the doctor to determine that your injury is a direct result of a work incident. If your doctor gives you work restrictions or treatment requirements, make sure you follow through on all of your doctors orders.

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