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Niles Multi-Vehicle Accident Slices One of the Cars in Half

Niles multi-vehicle accidentA high-speed Niles multi-vehicle accident has left one of the six cars involved sliced in half, though no fatalities have been reported.

Seven Treated in Niles Multi-Vehicle Accident

The Niles multi-vehicle accident took place on the early evening of July 10, 2020. Shortly before 6:00 p.m., 34-year-old Anthony Capra of Des Plaines was allegedly driving west on Oakton Street at a “high rate of speed” when his black 2016 Volkswagen Jetta entered the eastbound lanes of traffic near the intersection with Prospect Avenue. He then collided head on with a white 2010 GMC Yukon SUV with a 49-year-old Morton Grove woman and two child passengers inside. The GMC was then forced to back into a black 2017 Dodge Caravan operated by a 39-year-old Niles woman.

After his initial collision with the GMC, Capra veered off the road and struck a black 2007 Toyota Camry driven by a 60-year-old Des Plaines women, then a black 2005 Honda Fit, and finally a white 2014 Nissan operated by a 72-year-old female driver from Skokie. The force of the final collision was so great that Capra’s Volkswagen split into two pieces, while the Nissan crashed into a utility pole.

In total, seven people were taken to area hospitals with reportedly non-life-threatening injuries as a result of the Niles multi-vehicle accident. The investigation into the incident is ongoing, with the speed of the Volkwagen not immediately determined.

Anthony Capra was given an August 14th court date.

Who Is Responsible in a Multi-Vehicle Accident?

If you wish to pursue a personal injury claim following an auto accident, the most important initial step is identifying who was as fault for the incident. But while assigning blame can be difficult under any circumstances, this difficulty is all the greater when one is trying to determine who is responsible for a multi-vehicle accident.

In collisions involving only two vehicles, the vehicle that strikes the other one is generally considered to be liable for any injuries or damages that may result. But with accidents involving three or more vehicles, many drivers may have shown varying degrees of negligence and may therefore share different levels of blame. This lack of clarity can prove to be a serious obstacle to anyone hoping to be fairly compensated for injuries sustained in the incident.

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