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Schaumburg DUI Crash Yields Charges for Chicago Man

Schaumburg DUI crashA Chicago man has been charged on multiple counts following a Schaumburg DUI crash in which he reportedly ran a stoplight with a baby in his car.

Two Vehicles Involved in Schaumburg DUI Crash

The incident occurred just after midnight on July 7, 2020. At that time, Schaumburg Police received a complaint alleging that a black car traveling in the vicinity of I-90 and Meacham Road was “speeding, weaving, slamming on the brakes, and drifting.”

Shortly thereafter, officers arrived at the intersection of Higgins Road and Frontage Road, where they found two heavily damaged vehicles. Carlos Guzman was found standing outside of one of the vehicles holding a baby, while a woman was trapped in the other one. Witnesses said that Guzman’s car ran a red light and collided the other car.

According to Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney C.J. Orrantia, “officers observed clues he was under the influence of alcohol.” Police then reportedly inspected the car and found three empty beer bottles and a “loosely secured car seat.”

Carlos Guzman was arrested, charged with aggravated DUI and misdemeanor endangering the life of a child, and ordered held on $10,000.00 bail for his role in the Schaumburg DUI crash. His next court appearance is scheduled for July 21.

Dangers of Drunk Driving

The dangers of drunk driving are all too well known, as we can see in the case of this Schaumburg DUI crash. With their reflexes, reaction times, and judgment impaired, drunk drivers regularly engage in some of the riskiest behaviors on the road, such as speeding and improper lane usage, which means that the injuries that may result from drunk driving accidents can be especially devastating.

Yet despite the obvious dangers, far too many irresponsible people continue to drive drunk, leaving their innocent victims to suffer the consequences. In fact, one troubling report commissioned by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration found that drunk driving accounts for 28 percent of all traffic deaths. Every day, an average of 29 people across the country die in alcohol-related crashes, while many more sustain non-fatal injuries. Additionally, 40 percent of those killed in alcohol-related car accidents are people other than the drunk driver.

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