Nursing Home Resident Found Dead After Wandering Off

One of the most common forms of nursing home neglect is the inadequate supervision of nursing home patients. Without proper monitoring, some patients may wander off and become endangered outside of a nursing home facility. Many patients who wander off from nursing home facilities suffer a variety of injuries including pedestrian accidents, falls or robbery attempts. Exposure to the elements is another common cause of injury for these patients.

One Kansas City area man was recently found dead after he wandered off from the Cherry Hills Nursing Home. The 75-year-old mans family said that the man had Alzheimers disease which caused him to become disoriented at times. The man wandered off in July when temperatures peaked around 100 degrees in the area. The mans body was eventually found in the bottom of a ravine.

Police dogs found the mans body about 12 hours after he went missing. The mans son says that he fell down a ravine and hit his head, causing him to lose consciousness. The man had reportedly wandered off from the facility before, and there were some complaints that the nursing home did not have sufficient staff to make sure the facility was adequately staffed at all times of the day.

Another complaint against the facility alleged that a nursing home patient developed an infection after a staff member used an unsafe bathing technique for that patient.

Source: KCTV, Missing man from Northland assisted living facility found dead, Betsy Webster, Aug. 5, 2012