Trials After Dark: GWC Lawyers Hone Their Trial Skills With Cutting-Edge Seminars

As in any profession, there are always new approaches and evolving ideas on how to best practice law, particularly trial law. The fundamental challenge for a trial lawyer is to persuade 12 skeptics in a jury box that our cause is correct and that under the law, defendant should pay significant money damages to compensate the injured. At times, the trial lawyer must become a psychologist, a dramatist, a philosopher, a gambler, a performer, a marketer, and always a fighter. All these fields have information to offer the trial lawyer seeking every cutting edge advantage he can load into the arsenal.

To keep that edge, we instituted an after-hours seminar program to bring the latest litigation approaches to our trial lawyers. Our GWC U. sessions are three hours, sometimes longer. Using both guest speakers and our in house talent, our programs present the latest thinking on an eclectic array of topics. Recent examples include new approaches to jury selection, developing trial themes that overcome bias and persuade the problem juror, and when to accept defense request to mediate and then how to utilize mediation for strategic advantage leading to maximum settlements.

The quality of the programs has earned certification for continuing education credit from the Legal Education Board of the Illinois Supreme Court. More importantly, the sessions are another method by which we provide the best possible representation for our clients.

Our commitment to continuing legal education is one of the many reasons why we are Illinois largest personal injury and workers compensation law firm with many large settlements and verdicts. Recent settlements and verdicts include $13 million for a badly burned utility worker and $10 million for the family of a carpenter killed after he fell into an elevator pit.