U.S. Fatal Pedestrian Accidents Climbing

Although vehicle improvements have made drivers and passengers increasingly safer, 2015 was a dangerous year for pedestrians in the United States. The number of pedestrians killed in fatal pedestrian accidents is projected to be 10 percent higher than the 2014 total of 4,884 deaths.

The Governor’s Highway Safety Association reports that the projected 2015 totals represent the largest year-to-year increase in pedestrian deaths in the history of national recordkeeping. This drastic jump highlights problems with pedestrian safety throughout the nation.

Of all accident fatalities, pedestrian fatalities accounted for 15 percent of the total in 2014. That year was also the first time in 25 years that pedestrian deaths accounted for such a high percentage of total accident deaths. Experts expect that percentage will hold steady in 2015.

Dangerous Behaviors Linked to Tragedies

The report also identified a number of behaviors and scenarios that are leading factors in fatal pedestrian accidents throughout the country:

  • More people are trading their vehicles in favor of traveling by foot, due to the rising cost of vehicle ownership as well as the positive health benefits associated with walking.
  • Distraction among drivers and pedestrians has also proven to be a factor contributing to the rise in pedestrian fatalities, as smartphone use while walking or behind the wheel is all too common.
  • Of all pedestrian accident deaths, 34 percent were at or above the legal blood alcohol content, while only 15 percent of involved drivers were legally drunk.

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