Snow and Ice Cause Chaos in Chicago | Auto Accident News

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]This winter has been extremely harsh so far.  The conditions of snow and ice have led to numerous traffic wrecks as well as transportation delays on the road, tracks , and air.

Snow and ice blocked parts of Amtrak tracks as well, leaving almost 500 Amtrak passengers stranded overnight, stuck on numerous delayed trains.

Although CTA was in overall working condition, they had switching problems which caused up to 15 minute delays.

Even though it hasnt snowed since last weekend, the extreme cold continues to cause issues.  The melting of snow and ice hasnt come far.  Due to the temperature, road salt and even some de-icing chemicals have been ineffective.

Even when some roads appear to be safe, black ice continues to cause disasters. This is especially a concern on bridges.

Tuesday which was considered the last day of the recent sub-zero-temperature streak.  By lunchtime that day, Illinois State Police had already reported over 60 traffic crashes in Chicago.

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