Reckless Thief Steals Ambulance Near Rockford IL

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A Rockford man stole an ambulance truck from a hospital yesterday. He found the privately-owned ambulance unattended in the emergency room parking lot of Rockford Memorial Hospital. The thief drove off and continued to drive until his location was called in by another driver on the road. The caller said an ambulance was driving recklessly near Spring Creek Road and the Jane Addams Tollway, which happens to be about 7 miles east of the hospital from which the ambulance was taken.

When authorities arrives at the given location, the missing ambulance nor driver were found there. The stolen vehicle was found later that same evening, sans driver, in McHenry County.

The thief was finally found and arrested by Belvidere police. He was then returned to Rockford, where he was booked and is now facing charges of aggravated assault of a police officer and motor vehicle theft.

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