STUDY: Texting & Driving Increasing With Adults

A survey conducted by AT&T shows that more adults are texting behind the wheel than teens. The phone carrier conducted a survey of 1,011 adult drivers in conjunction with a PSA campaign encouraging drivers to stop texting while on the road.

USA Today reports that AT&T officials were surprised that more adults texted than teens. About two-thirds of the adults surveyed also said that they were not texting and driving three years ago.

“It was sobering to realize that texting while driving by adults is not only high, it’s really gone up in the last three years,” Charlene Lake, AT&T’s senior vice president-public affairs.

It is almost impossible to know how truly pervasive texting while driving is, but some studies indicate that a large percentage of drivers are distracted by their phones at any given moment.

The vast majority of the adults surveyed by AT&T said that they knew that texting while driving is dangerous yet do it anyway. Government statistics show that almost 10 people die in distracted driver car accidents every day. Phone use is a major factor in these crashes.