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Tesla Motors to Reveal New Car

tesla-to-reveal-new-carTesla Motors, the cutting edge electronic car company, will be unveiling a new car on October 9, 2014.

Whether this car will be an updated Model S or a new model is not clear. There are also some suggestions that the flagship car is supposed to come in a convertible form or maybe a pickup truck model. What the update will consist of is all wild speculation at this point.

On Oct. 1, 2014, Elon Musk sent a tweet that suggested there would be at least two revelations: a Model D and something else that was not named. There has been some speculation that the unknown car will be an automated vehicle of some sort.

Until now, Google has been the most prominent technology company pursuing an automated vehicle. Musk has described in the past, and may be announcing this week, that automated features such as those found in airplanes may become the new standard in Teslas electronic cars.

Unlike Googles self-driving car that does not need human input in order to function, the features described Musk would take over the bulk of driving but would still require human direction and involvement.

Tesla Motors targets the high-end consumer car segment and uses a unique business-model to reach consumers directly. Tesla has found itself mired in legal problems across the country for selling its vehicles directly to consumers and avoiding dealerships entirely.

So far, the sale of vehicles has not been affected by the legal challenges launched by car dealerships across America. This is an exciting time for technological innovations in new vehicles, and the future of car sales will be determined by the legal clashes between new companies such as Tesla Motors and dealerships.

Like all technological advancements, there will be new types of injuries and new kinds of risks. Tesla Motors has been already been forced to address problems with exploding cars after an accident.

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