Trouble with Trains

Unfortunately, cars or trucks arent the only vehicles that can end up in a terrible accident.  As a reminder, public transportation, such as trains, can also be very dangerous.

For example, over the weekend a 35-year old man decided to ignore the warning lights, bells, and crossing gates as he approached Metra tracks. He drove his black sedan around the lowered gates and was shortly thereafter struck by the oncoming train, which carried him down the tracks, ultimately killing him.  Safety regulations and warnings are set for a purpose, to protect us.  Ignoring the rules is never a good idea, and can cause serious harm or death.

The day before that, another train was the cause of someone elses demise.  A 49-year old woman in Buffalo Grove was found along lying along railroad tracks.  It is unknown exactly which train struck her, but we know that it happened before 7:30 that morning. Again, one should never walk or drive near an oncoming train. They are powerful machines, and anyone on the train may not even realize youve been injured.

Mass transit vehicles are intended to be a safe, convenient way to travel. Harm, as usual, is not intentional or expected, but the risk remains. We urge you to travel wisely, follow safety guidelines, and stay away from moving trains unless you are riding one.

If you should ever find yourself injured by a public transportation vehicle, make sure to call GWC. We can help you understand your rights and obtain compensation for the medical bills that youre sure to have. Dont hesitate to let us help you.