Exhausted Truck Driver Hits & Kills Tollway Operator

Semi trucks: big, bold, intimidating, always in the way and dangerous. For some drivers, these might be some of the words they associate with such vehicles. The size might seem like a threat, but what some might not realize is that it isn’t necessarily the vehicle itself that may dangerous, but rather the person driving the vehicle.

A recent fatal semi truck crash in Illinois has risen the question of whether some truck drivers are over working to the point where they might become a hazard to other drivers. The semi truck driver involved in the recent accident had driven more than 36 hours, and crashed into emergency vehicles, killing an Illinois Tollway worker and injuring a state trooper.
Federal rules limit truck drivers to working 14 hours, where out of those they are only allowed to drive 11. While many trucking corporations usually use e-logs in order to keep track of the drivers hours, those corporations that have not made the switch and continue to use paper logs make it easy for truck drivers to break the rules.
It is always important to keep an eye out on the road, especially for tired drivers.

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