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Wauconda Box Truck Crash Claims Life of Passenger Vehicle Driver

Wauconda box truck crashThe driver of a passenger vehicle has been killed in an early morning Wauconda box truck crash on northbound Route 12.

Wauconda Box Truck Crash Ejects Driver

On September 18, 2020, shortly before 3:00 a.m., a box truck and a passenger vehicle were traveling northbound on Route 12, just south of Route 176, in Wauconda, IL. At that time, the box truck struck the passenger vehicle, according to a statement from the Wauconda Fire District. When emergency crews arrived shortly afterwards, they found the truck blocking both lanes of Route 12.

The force of the Wauconda box truck crash had apparently ejected the driver of the passenger vehicle from the wreck. That driver died at the scene. Fire officials said that the box truck driver was treated at the crash site but refused to be transported to a hospital.

Area police closed down northbound Route 12 between Old Rand Road and Route 176 while authorities investigated the cause of the Wauconda box truck crash.

Truck Crash Claims Present Unique Challenges

Truck crashes can be so much more devastating than other types of auto accidents because of the sheer size of the trucks themselves, which can be forty times heavier or more than the average vehicle on the road. Given their larger dimensions, trucks that collide with smaller passenger vehicles, even at low speeds, can inflict extreme injuries, including broken bones, loss of limbs, brain damage, spinal trauma, paralysis, coma, or even, as in the tragic Wauconda box truck crash, death. These types of injuries are not only physically but also economically punishing, with the combined effect of extensive medical bills and lost income often placing families on the brink of financial ruin.

The significant economic impact of truck accidents is particularly unfortunate because truck crash claims are uniquely challenging, even for the most seasoned personal injury attorneys. In most cases, large trucks are commercial vehicles that transport goods for business purposes, which can increase the complexity of a claim because of how many parties may be involved.

In addition to the truck driver and his or her employer (if different), another company may have hired the employer to ship its products, and other companies may also be involved. For this reason, truck crash victims must identify and pursue all of the parties who could be at fault because failure to do so within the time allotted by law could forever bar them from obtaining full and fair compensation.

Truck Accident Lawyers Fighting for You

Moreover, the insurance companies representing the parties involved in a truck crash have an incentive to fight victims at every turn, frequently minimizing or even denying liability outright to reduce their financial exposure. In the face of such opposition, the victims need somebody who can fight for them, like the truck accident attorneys at GWC Injury Lawyers LLC.

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