What Can Parents Do About Dangerous Childrens Toys and Products

There are many reasons that childrens products and toys are recalled. Items have been recalled for everything from containing lead and mercury ingredients to containing parts that pose a choking and/or fire hazard.

During the 2014 holiday season, parents should consider several questions when researching and selecting gifts to purchase, including:

  • Has the product been recalled?
  • Is the toy age appropriate?
  • Are there any small parts that can be removed?
  • Does the item comply with fire retardant safety criteria?
  • Are their cords that can cause strangulation?
  • Are their plastics that can cause suffocation?
  • Are there any harmful ingredients or allergens?

By conducting extensive research, parents can avoid purchasing products that may need to be returned later.

Keep Up With Recall News

While it is difficult to remember to constantly check federal government websites for products that have been recalled that your family uses, there are ways to automate the research process. For example, Safe Kids Worldwide, a comprehensive recall research website provides parents with an easy email signup for all product recalls related to kids.

The website collects data from central recall and safety federal agencies such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Food and Drug Administration and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to provide detailed recall information.

Parents who sign up simply have to monitor their emails to stay on top of new announced recalls. The website also serves as a valuable source of information about past recalls.

Parents who purchase used goods at secondhand stores or who inherit hand me down childrens products and toys can do research to ensure that the items were never recalled in the past.

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