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GWC Obtains $5.875 Million for Wisconsin Truck vs Car Accident Victims

GWC Partners Louis C. Cairo, Michael D. Fisher, and Louis A. Cairo have obtained $5.875 million in settlements on behalf of five victims of a Wisconsin semi-trailer accident. GWC represents two other passengers injured in this incident whose cases remain pending at this time.

18-Wheeler Flips Over Passenger Vehicle

In March 2019, GWC’s clients were riding in a seven-passenger vehicle that was traveling in a 50mph zone through Washington, WI, en route to a state basketball championship game in Green Bay. At that time, they were being followed by an 18-wheel semi-tractor-trailer driving with a full load.

When three deer unexpectedly entered the roadway, the operator of the Plaintiffs’ vehicle, who is the father of two of the settling parties and the son of another, was able to brake hard, causing his vehicle to slow down to 21 miles per hour. Miraculously, when the driver realized that the semi immediately behind him was not slowing down, he floored the accelerator in an effort to avoid imminent contact by the semi rig. However, the passenger vehicle was unable to prevent being violently struck by the semi-trailer, which had failed to reduce its speed at all according to the Onboard Data Recorder. It collided with the passenger vehicle at 60 miles per hour.

The magnitude of the impact forced the Plaintiffs’ vehicle to lose control and run off the road into a snowy embankment, where it flipped over multiple times before coming to rest on its passenger side.

Major Injuries Require Prolonged Treatment

The accident inflicted major injuries to all nine occupants of the vehicle, including seven members of the same family. The settling parties include the family’s 15-year-old daughter, who was pinned beneath the SUV after being ejected during the crash. She suffered displaced fractures of the pelvis, the hips, and both femurs, requiring surgical repair. [$3.5M settlement]

The 85-year-old father of the driver sustained fractures of the thoracic vertebrae, necessitating open reduction with internal fixation of the thoracic spine, along with rib fractures. [$1.5M settlement]

The driver’s 14-year-old daughter suffered a concussion, mild memory loss, and a laceration above her right eyebrow. [$700K settlement]

The youngest member of the family, a 5-year-old boy, sustained mild neck and back trauma. [$75K settlement]

The final settling Plaintiff, a 16-year-old friend of the family, suffered blunt force head trauma with loss of consciousness. [$100K settlement]

Large Settlements Secured After Mediation

The victims of this terrible semi-trailer accident retained GWC Injury Lawyers as their personal injury attorneys. Partners Louis C. Cairo, Michael D. Fisher, and Louis A. Cairo filed suit against all the parties responsible, including the company that owned the semi-tractor-trailer, its employee who was driving the semi, and their liability insurance carriers, as is required in Wisconsin.

GWC retained an accident reconstructionist and trucking industry expert immediately upon being retained in the case and conducted extensive investigation and downloading of the Onboard Data Recorders of both vehicles involved. The evidence was remarkable, establishing that the passenger car went from 55mph to 45mph to 25mph, then upon acceleration it went to 28mph during the four seconds prior to impact, while the semi rig drove at 60mph for the entire time up to the point of impact! Based upon this information, along with videotaped depositions taken of the driver, his trainer, and his supervisor, the Defendants voluntarily agreed to admit liability and causation early in the litigation. Without a trial date or expert disclosure date, the Defendants requested to mediate the case.

The parties mediated the case before defense counsel Michael Crooks, a partner at Von Briesen & Ropper, S.C. in Madison and Milwaukee, who acted as a superb mediator. Mike did a very professional job bringing the parties together to find an amicable resolution for all five Plaintiff claimants. Ultimately, the GWC litigation partners were able to secure settlements on behalf of our five claimants totaling $5.875 million.

The remaining Plaintiffs include a young boy who was 12 at the time of this crash and suffered life-altering brain injuries and multiple cervical fractures. His surgeries included evacuation of his brain bleeds and spinal fusion. His mother, also the mother of three of the settling claimants, suffered knee injuries and extensive emotional and psychological injuries. Due to their ongoing care and conditions, their claims have yet to be mediated.

Getting Justice for Injured Clients

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