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April 2022 settlements

GWC Obtains $9.2 Million on Two Personal Injury Cases

After reporting multiple settlements for GWC Injury Lawyers LLC clients exceeding $15 million just a week ago, GWC has achieved additional seven-figure settlements for two injury matters during the days just prior to the Easter Holiday weekend. These settlements add another $9.2 million in results to what had been a very busy March for the firm, bringing the total for March and April to over $25 million in settlements and verdicts for well-deserving clients.

Est. of Union Cement Mason, Deceased v. Various Entities – $8,000,000.00 [Confidentiality]. A homeowner in Addison, Illinois planned to trim branches off one or more trees on his own property. In a conversation the day prior, he asked his friend/Plaintiff’s decedent, a Hispanic male who worked as a union cement mason, to stop by his house the next morning and bring some coffee. When the Plaintiff’s decedent arrived and walked into the backyard, he was able to observe that the homeowner had a metal ladder set up leaning against a tree and that he was positioned near the top of the ladder with a chainsaw. Shortly after arriving, the Plaintiff’s decedent recognized that the neighbor was somehow injured and had lost consciousness. The Plaintiff’s decedent attempted to climb the ladder to aid his friend but suffered fatal injuries while trying to help him. The Plaintiff filed suit against various undisclosed entities claimed to be responsible for this husband and father’s fatality.

In a marathon mediation that began at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, April 14, 2022, GWC partners Joseph Sorce and Michael Fisher were able to finally resolve the case by 8:00 p.m. for $8,000,000.00. GWC lawyers credit the steadfast efforts of the Hon. William Gomolinski, Ret., from ADR for keeping the parties at the table for almost twelve hours and persuading all participants to continue to work toward what seemed to be an improbable resolution. Trial on the matter had been set for June.

“Convincing the defendants to take care of this nice family was our goal ever since we were retained,” said Sorce. “It was rewarding to let them know that Justice has been served in this tragic death.”

Union Electrician v. General Contractor and Carpentry Contractor – $1,200,000.00. On April 13, 2022, attorney Louis Anthony Cairo settled a case for an IBEW Local 150 electrician who suffered a shoulder injury when a sheet of plywood fell off the first floor deck of a residential construction project. When the client attempted to run out of the way of the falling sheet, he tripped and landed on his right shoulder. The case was highly disputed, with the three carpenters on the deck testifying that they had no recollection of the accident happening. They also denied that the Plaintiff ever reported the incident to them.

The case was further complicated by another accident six months later when the union electrician was on light duty. At that time, the electrician had stepped onto the tire of his work truck and was reaching up with his left arm to grab construction materials when he slipped, causing injury to his left shoulder. Cairo successfully argued at mediation that the client’s left shoulder would not have been injured in the second occurrence were it not for the initial injury to his right shoulder. The Defendants agreed to pay $1.2 million to settle the matter. The Hon. Joseph Casciato, Ret., of ADR was instrumental in bringing the parties together to achieve this excellent result.

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