Georgia Truck Driver Killed In Chicago Truck Accident

The sound of screeching brakes alerted an Illinois homeowner that something was wrong on the road in front of his house. The sound of a tremendous impact followed next as he saw a large portion of his house destroyed by an out of control semi truck. The truck accident claimed the life of the truck driver and left his 11-year-old daughter and two others injured. The homeowner escaped without physical injury.

The semi-truck was driver by a 37-year-old Georgia man. The truck veered out of control into oncoming traffic. The truck collided with the home in a southern Chicago suburb while the trailer flipped over and landed on a car carrying two teenagers. The trailer crushed the back passenger area of the car, but left the driver and his passenger with only minor injuries. The truck driver’s daughter was injured in the wreck and was taken to a nearby hospital, along with the two teens. The driver of the truck was not so lucky.

Investigators have not yet determined the cause of the accident. No citations were issued and the accident remains under investigation. Given the extent of the damage to both vehicles and to the home the fact that only one person was killed is somewhat remarkable. The cab of the truck smashed into the front door of the house and did extensive damage.

Fatal truck accidents are a terrible tragedy. Improved safety measures have reduced the frequency of these deadly accidents, but more can still be done to help truck drivers and everyone they share the road with get home safely.