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124 Deaths Linked to Ignition Switch What About Others Denied by Fund?

gm-deathsGeneral Motors (GM) has confirmed that 124 deaths and 266 injuries were a direct result of its faulty ignition switch first recalled in February 2014.

The compensation fund set up by GM to pay damages to victims of the defect has finished processing the 4,342 claims submitted. So far the fund, which is set to finalize all claims by July 31, has made 280 compensation offers, of which six have been denied and 209 have been accepted. Families of victims who died are being offered at least $1 million in compensation.

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According to Kenneth Feinberg, who was chosen by GM to head the compensation fund, 80 percent of all submitted claims were considered ineligible and 453 were deficient. For those with a deficient claim, they have until the end of the month to submit any supplemental information and documentation that may help their claim.

While news of the fund finishing up its compensation efforts is great news for the victims and their families, there are still a number of victims remaining who were excluded from the fund.

In 2014, the carmaker began recalling 2.59 million vehicles for a faulty ignition switch that could unexpectedly switch into the off mode, powering off the vehicle and all safety features. In Congressional testimony, it was revealed that the company knew about the defect and hid it from the public for more than a decade.

Shortly thereafter, GM recalled an additional 10 million vehicles for a similar defect. However, according to GM, because this problem was identified under different circumstances – the company recall the vehicles immediately and did not try to hide the defect – victims of this recall were not eligible for compensation from the fund.

This exclusion could potentially prohibit hundreds of victims who rightfully deserve compensation for their suffering.

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