Motorcycle Safety and Mental Distractions

motorcycle-distractionsDevastating injuries such as fractures and head trauma are common in motorcycle accidents. Theres no room for error when youre driving on two wheels.

GWC has successfully represented motorcycle accident victims for more than two decades. During that time we have developed a specialized knowledge of the unique characteristics of these cases. We know how to investigate them, how to litigate them, and how to win them.

However, a topic that is rarely discussed is the mental distractions many motorcyclists face. You should consider the following before you ride:

  • Attention to detail is critical. This is true especially on a motorcycle. All it takes is seconds for tragedy to strike.
  • Can you concentrate fully on your riding? Or are your thoughts somewhere else? Make sure youre rested and able to concentrate on the mental demands of driving your motorcycle.
  • Be prepared for dangerous surprises. A car turning in front of you, or a piece of gravel in the road.

The best defense against such surprises anddistractionswhen you ride and travel by motorcycle is preparation — bothmentaland physical.

Unfortunately, motorcycle riders are at a significant disadvantage in an accident. One reason is based on the seriousness of the injuries that motorcycle riders typically sustain in crashes. There is rarely any protection between the rider and the road, meaning that orthopedic injuries and brain or spinal cord injuries are greater in number and severity.

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