Keeping the Kids Safe on Halloween

keeping-the-kids-safe-on-halloweenEvery Halloween brings horror stories about kids, families and pets that experience injuries and harm. The following tips from the personal injury lawyers at Goldberg Weisman Cairo can help keep families throughout Illinois safe.

Can Drivers See Your Kids?

Kids who will be trick-or-treating in residential areas and who are wearing dark costumes can be run over by vehicles if they are not easily seen.

Make sure that your childrens costumes have reflective safety tape and glow in the dark accessories so that they are easily and readily visible.

Costumes That Fit

Make sure that your kids costumes fit well. Costumes with masks that obscure vision or that are too long can cause kids to fall or trip. Also ensure that those princess costumes are not worn with high or uncomfortable heels that make walking difficult.

Experts recommend comfortable shoes and face paint instead of masks to ensure safety.

Check the Candy

Talk to your kids about waiting to eat any candy until they get home. Send your kids out with safe bundles of candy to snack on while they are trick-or-treating so that they are not tempted.

When kids get home, parents should sort and evaluate each piece of candy to ensure that none of the candy has been tampered with. While poisoned Halloween candy is rare it does happen and parents should remain vigilant.

Pet Safety Tips

While it is easy to remember to set safety guidelines for the children, dont forget the pets. Millions of pets will be a part of the Halloween festivities this year in incredibly adorable costumes. In order to make sure that your favorite furry family member stays safe on Friday follow these three steps:

  • Limit your pets access to the front door
  • Update the contact information on the ID tags
  • Move Halloween candy and decorations out of reach

At GWC Injury Lawyers, our attorneys and staff will celebrating Halloween with our families and using these same safety strategies to keep our kids and pets safe.

From all of us at GWC, we wish you and your family the happiest and safest Halloween night yet!