March 2022 Settlements

GWC Obtains Over $15.2 Million in March

GWC Injury Lawyers LLC’s clients had a rather successful month this past March, with their attorneys firming up more than $15.2 million in settlements.

Union Tuckpointer vs. Large Construction Aerial Lift Rental Company. Louis C. Cairo, Michael D. Fisher, and Louis Anthony Cairo settled an unwitnessed lift rollover accident against an aerial lift rental company for $8,000,000.00, the available insurance policy limits, plus an Assignment of the Contribution claim against the decedent’s employer, which is scheduled for trial in May. After becoming paralyzed from the accident, GWC’s union tuckpointer client unfortunately passed away 26 months later.

Temp Agency Employee v. Consulting Entity and Fabrication Plant. Daniel H. Streckert and Bennett J. Baker settled a negligence case for $4,030,000.00 against a consulting entity and a fabrication plant. The case was filed as a result of their temporary labor client sustaining multiple finger amputations while operating a 50-year-old power press at the fabrication plant.

Motorcyclist v. SUV Driver. Attorney Louis C. Cairo also settled a motorcycle crash case, pre-suit, as a result of a collision that occurred in northern Wisconsin on 7/3/21 when an SUV driver fell asleep, causing serious leg injuries to the motorcycle driver and his passenger. Cairo, on behalf of the motorcycle driver, and Tim Cavenagh, on behalf of the passenger, obtained full policy limits of $1,500,000.00, plus an additional $200,000.00 in personal funds from the at-fault driver, bringing closure to all parties of this serious crash case.

Chicago Police Officer vs. Trucking Company. Bennett Baker settled an auto collision case on behalf of a 45-year-old female officer for $987,168.42, which is the full amount of the remaining insurance policy limits from the Defendant trucking company. The at-fault truck driver had changed lanes and veered into an uninsured vehicle, forcing it into the Plaintiff’s vehicle. Though the truck driver initially blamed the uninsured motorist for the collision, the trucking company’s insurer surrendered the remaining policy limits after Baker cross-examined the driver. The police officer sustained herniated discs at two levels in her lower back and underwent two surgeries. She has since returned to her job.

Union Laborer v. SUV Driver. Attorneys Louis Anthony Cairo and Lawrence J. Amato learned that State Farm Insurance Company has agreed to pay their union laborer client the full verdict value and pre-judgment interest on their $527,689.02 Lake County verdict last month, despite there being significantly less in available insurance coverage, due to Cairo’s Bad Faith Demands prior- and post-verdict. The Defendant had rear-ended the client with her SUV while he was at a complete stop at an intersection, ejecting him from his motorcycle and fracturing his right tibia. GWC’s client required less than a year of treatment before returning to full-duty labor work.

Confidentiality Agreements Can Be Harmful to Public

In the seven-figure cases, the insurance carriers demanded confidentiality as part of the terms of the settlement, which has been a growing trend that Louis C. Cairo feels is harmful to the public.

These agreements allow insurance companies to withhold the truth from their policyholders and their shareholders. While insurance carriers market themselves as being “like a good neighbor” or having “good hands,” they demand confidentiality to prevent the public from learning that when it comes to honoring claims, they fight right up to trial on most of their cases and then hide behind the confidentiality clauses in their releases.

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