Oak Park building collapse

Oak Park Building Collapse Feared

Fears of a potential Oak Park building collapse forced residents of an apartment complex to find new places to live.

Alarm Raised Over Possible Oak Park Building Collapse

According to Oak Park officials, an apartment building in the 900 block of North Boulevard underwent a city inspection during recent renovations. The inspectors reportedly uncovered several troubling structural changes, including floors that slope by as much as four inches in some areas, along with a host of other problems.

Tenant Debra Leonard-Porch said she began noticing changes in the building several years ago.

“Cracks in the wall, sloping floors, uneven carpet,” she claimed. “When you walk, your feet get stuck on carpet.”

About half of the building’s 48 apartments were occupied at the time. In anticipation of an imminent Oak Park building collapse, city officials ordered the remaining tenants to move out by November 10, 2021.

No personal injury attorneys are believed to have filed suit recently over accidents related to defective conditions in the building.

Building Collapses Can Inflict Serious Injuries

While the tenants appear to have been notified in time to avoid the building’s collapse, many others have not been so fortunate. Residential building collapses frequently inflict serious injuries and sometimes even death.

There are approximately eight building collapse disasters across the world each year, resulting in an average of 343 fatalities. Each of these disasters kills an estimated 38 people. However, some building collapses can prove far deadlier. In June 2021, for example, 98 people were killed in the Surfside condominium collapse in Florida.

Getting Justice for Building Collapse Victims

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