Benefits Of Lump Sum Payments To Injured Workers

When a Chicago worker suffers an on-the-job injury, the employer and the employee may have different motivations and thoughts about what should happen next. An employer may want the worker to get back on the job as quickly as possible and minimize the financial impact. An employee may be more concerned about healing, and more>> Read More

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Worker Suffers Serious Head Injury After Bus Hit

In Chicago, road construction is an activity that goes on 24/7 during most of the year. When a road is being repaired, the lanes may close down from five to three or four, and the traffic backs up. This construction-made traffic jam is filled with motorists and truck drivers as well as buses. A road>> Read More

Does Illinois Workers Compensation System Function Well?

It is easy to form an opinion about something when someone hasn’t had a personal experience with the matter. Being injured on the job and then losing the ability to work and support one’s family is a significant loss. Having to fight for workers’ compensation claims is rarely something that an injured worker wants to>> Read More

DA Reviewing Roadside Worker Death In Kansas

Everyone in Illinois, and in other states, knows how dangerous construction zones can be. Both workers and drivers must be observant at all times. One moment of inattentiveness could lead to a serious, or sometimes even fatal, accident. Such is the case for a 22-year-old man who was killed earlier this month in Kansas. An>> Read More

Types Of Wages Earned From Workers Compensation

Determining proper wages is an essential issue in every worker’s compensation claim. It has been written by legal experts in this field that the Illinois Worker’s Compensation Act is a “wage driven system.” Why is this so? The short answer is that all benefits received under the act are derived from the Average Weekly Wage>> Read More

Steps To Take When Dealing With Insurance Companies

It’s a bright sunny Chicago day and you are driving with your friend, enjoying a day on the town. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, another car runs a stop sign and whacks your side door, knocking your car across another lane. You are lucky to not hit any other cars following the car accident. You>> Read More

Caterpillar Plant Explosion In Southern Illinois Burns

A workplace explosion in Southern Illinois is under investigation by the State Fire Marshal. One worker was critically injured in the blast, having suffered burn injuries that required his being airlifted to a St. Louis hospital. He was said to be in critical condition as of Feb. 11.The explosion occurred at a Caterpillar manufacturing plant>> Read More