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Attorneys Tim Keiser and Mike Fisher

GWC Obtains Settlement Worth Nearly $1 Million for Injured Union Sprinkler Fitter

Michael D. Fisher

GWC Injury Lawyers LLC is proud to announce that Michael D. Fisher and Timothy J. Keiser have obtained a settlement worth $998,602.03 for a union sprinkler fitter who was injured after falling on a job site.

Union Sprinkler Fitter Falls from Unsecured Man Door

On the morning of May 19, 2016, the Plaintiff, a 44-year-old union sprinkler fitter, walked out of an exterior man door that had a four-foot drop on the other side, causing him to fall to the ground below.

Unlike other doors at this job site, the door at issue had no barricades, warnings, or other indicators that it was unsafe to use. As a result of this incident, the Plaintiff suffered a torn bicep tendon, a torn meniscus, and other injuries. To treat his injuries, he underwent a biceps tendon repair and a meniscal repair.

GWC Overcomes Defense Objections

Union Sprinkler Fitter
Timothy J. Keiser

The Defendants, which included the building’s owner and general contractor, argued that the Plaintiff’s injuries were incurred as a result of his own doing and were not related to this fall.

These arguments were ultimately belied by the testimony of the Defendants’ employees and the Plaintiff’s co-workers, which established that the Defendants knew that a man door without a warning sign or barricade was dangerous, and that the man door at issue was not barricaded, and that the Plaintiff was unaware of the fall risk present.

“It is clear the Plaintiff had no idea of the dangers at this job site – but the Defendants sure did,” said Mr. Keiser.

The Defendants further argued that the Plaintiff’s knee injury was not caused by his fall. The evidence elicited by GWC through the Plaintiff’s treating physicians clearly established his knee injury was related to this occurrence.

Ultimately, Mr. Fisher and Mr. Keiser were able to overcome the Defendants’ objections about liability and the relatedness of the client’s injuries to reach a result that fairly compensates the Plaintiff for the impact this incident has had on his life. GWC settled the matter in a mediation with the assistance of the Hon. Judge William E. Gomolinski at ADR. The Defendants have agreed to pay $825,000.00 and the Plaintiff’s employer has agreed to waive its right to collect a workers’ compensation lien worth $173,602.03.

How GWC Can Help Your Personal Injury Claim

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