Failure to Yield Accidents

failure-to-yield accidents

Failure to Yield Accident Lawsuits

Failing to yield to drivers who have the right of way can cause serious accidents, catastrophic injuries, and even death.

Not all drivers follow the rules of the road, which puts you and your loved ones at risk. When traffic laws are broken, your safety is compromised. If you have been injured in a failure to yield accident that was caused by another driver’s carelessness, the car accident lawyers at GWC Injury Lawyers can help you pursue justice and obtain compensation for your injuries.

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Common Failing to Yield Accidents

Accidents caused by failure to yield the right of way are increasingly frequent. Common ways in which these types of accidents occur include:

Why do drivers fail to yield the right of way? Many factors may play a role, including distracted driving, impaired driving, and weather conditions. Aggressive driving and lack of patience can also be a contributing factor.

Car Crash Liability

Failure to yield accident liability should be thoroughly investigated in cases causing serious injuries. It is recommended that if you are medically able, you should gather information at the time of the accident. This could greatly assist your attorney in establishing liability in your case.

Additionally, take photos of the accident scene and collect contact information from any witnesses who have stopped. After the accident has occurred, your attorney can review intersection footage, interview law enforcement, and uncover other information that will assist in establishing liability in your case.

Filing an Auto Accident Lawsuit

Victims who have been injured in an accident caused by the failure of a driver to yield the right of way can file a negligence lawsuit against the at-fault driver. Three key elements must be proven to uphold the claim:

  • It must be proven that the at-fault driver owed the injured party a duty. All drivers have a duty to drive sensibly to protect other motorists.
  • It must be proven that the duty was breached. Failure to yield the right of way is a breach of sensible driving.
  • It must be proven that the actions of the at-fault driver caused the plaintiff’s injuries.

By filing a failure to yield lawsuit, victims can pursue compensation for their injuries. Victims may be able to recover financial and emotional damages such as:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost earnings
  • Pain and suffering

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