IL State Trooper Killed In Truck Accident

Illinois State Police motorcycle trooper Kyle Deatherage was killed when he was hit by a semi-truck on Monday. The fatal accident occurred on I-55 when the trooper was conducting a traffic stop near the Raymond exit according to the Journal Star. “Trooper Deatherage left a legacy of courage and duty and today he is surrounded>> Read More

Causes Of Truck Accidents In Illinois Distracted Drivers

Cell phones and similar devices are a common cause of driver distraction, which often causes truck accidents. The state of Illinois has recently passed laws regulating the use of these devices while driving. The federal government also has rules to prevent the distracted driving of commercial motor vehicles. State laws prohibit cell use while driving>> Read More

Avoiding A Chicago Truck Accident Truck Accident Avoidance Tips

In our last post we discussed the role of workers’ compensation benefits in a truck accident. While atruck accident can result in a workers’ comp claim for a trucker or other commercial driver, these accidents are best avoided due to their serious nature. The Illinois Department of Transportation has conducted a study to determine when>> Read More

$3.1 MILLION in Bus Accident Case Truck Lawsuits

An Illinois man recently received a $3.1 million verdict in a wrongful death lawsuit filed against a bus company. The man’s wife was walking on Ewing Avenue in Chicago when a school bus driver ran over her and dragged her. The woman suffered catastrophic personal injuries and died later that day. The bus company originally>> Read More

Truck Accidents & Third Party Claims

Truck accidents often occur through the negligence of a third party such as the trucking company or the truck manufacturer. The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act provides the terms under which someone involved in a truck accident can file a lawsuit against a third party. Drivers must take specific precautions to avoid collisions with trucks, but>> Read More

Chicago Truck Driver Injured On I-55 Work Injuries

When a person is working and is injured, he or she should be covered by workers’ compensation. That coverage exists not only when a person is working in a Chicago factory or office building, but also when working out-of-state or when driving for work-related purposes Recently a Chicago truck driver was driving his semi truck>> Read More