First Lawsuit Filed After Carnival Cruise Ship Incident

The first of what could be many lawsuits was filed by one of the thousands of passengers aboard the Carnival Triumph cruise ship, citing horrifying conditions that resulted in physical and emotional harm and alleging that Carnival was unable to provide a seaworthy ship and sanitary conditions.

As has been reported by countless news outlets over the past week, passengers of the Triumph were effectively without power for days after a fire broke out in the engine room, eventually leading to significant problems with the boats propulsion system. As a result of the power outage, the 102,000-ton vessel had to be towed by tugboats at a speed of less than 10 mph from the Gulf of Mexico to Mobile, Alabama over a period of four days.

The conditions on the cruise ship that many of the passengers experienced during the tow to Alabama have lead some to describe the journey as the cruise from hell. The recently filed lawsuit documents that at least one of the passengers on the Triumph, was forced to endure unbearable and horrendous odors on the filthy and disabled vessel, and wade through human feces in order to reach food lines where the wait was counted in hours, only to receive rations of spoiled food.-If you or a loved one were a passenger on the Carnival Triumph cruise ship, you may be entitled to compensation for injuries that are related to this recent incident.