GWC Settles Pedestrian Accident for Six Times the Policy Limits

GWC attorneys Timothy J. Keiser and Lawrence J. Amato have obtained a settlement for an injured pedestrian worth six times the available insurance policy limits.

Pedestrian Dragged by Speeding Van

On an early afternoon in August 2016, a 54-year-old man was walking across the street in an attempt to catch an eastbound Pace bus in Calumet City, IL. He had successfully crossed both westbound lanes of traffic when he was struck by a speeding eastbound van, which dragged him over 100 feet before finally coming to a stop.

The pedestrian suffered serious injuries as a result of this incident, requiring extensive medical treatment at significant personal and financial expense.

Insurance Company Blames Pedestrian

In seeking to obtain full and fair compensation for the pedestrian and his loved ones, GWC attorneys Timothy J. Keiser and Lawrence J. Amato faced staunch opposition from State Farm Insurance, the liability carrier for the van in question.

“State Farm insisted that our client was primarily at fault because he was crossing mid-block at a busy intersection at the time of the accident,” explained Mr. Amato.

GWC Demonstrates Driver’s Liability

To counter the Defense’s position, GWC worked diligently to prove that the blame for the collision should rest squarely with the van’s driver. Attorneys Keiser and Amato assembled a myriad of evidence to bolster their case, including:

  • Video footage from the Pace bus, which showed that the van’s driver did not brake prior to impact;
  • The driver’s iPhone records, which established that he was operating his GPS instead of paying attention to the road;
  • Expert testimony from an accident reconstructionist, who opined that the driver had been exceeding the speed limit; and
  • The driver’s own words during a sworn deposition, in which he admitted under oath that nothing was obstructing his view of oncoming traffic before he struck the pedestrian.

In light of the compelling arguments GWC presented during mediation, State Farm Insurance agreed to settle the matter for six times its insured’s policy limits prior to trial.

“This was a hard case from the beginning,” said Mr. Keiser, “but through a combination of tireless representation and our client’s unwavering support, we were able to obtain a favorable result.”

Holding Insurance Companies Accountable

Large insurance companies often count on their relative advantages over everyday people to settle cases for far less than they may be worth. Skilled car accident lawyers will strive to level the playing field for the benefit of injured clients.

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