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GWC Obtains Settlement Worth Over $1,459,000.00 for Union Glazier

GWC partner Michael D. Fisher and attorneys Lawrence J. Amato and Bennett J. Baker have obtained a settlement worth over $1,459,000.00 for a union glazier who suffered multiple injuries on a commercial construction project.

Negligence of Plumbing Contractor and General Contractor Injures Union Glazier

GWC’s client, a union glazier, was working for a large commercial curtain wall, storefront, and interior glazing contractor when he was struck from behind by a 10-foot-long, 6-inch-diameter cast iron pipe. He had been operating the ground controls of a boom lift when an employee of the plumbing contractor, R. Carrozza Plumbing, attempted to pick up and move the pipe by himself. While doing so, the plumbing contractor’s employee slipped on loose gravel, causing him to lose his footing and his control of the pipe, which struck the Plaintiff on the top of his head.

GWC filed a lawsuit against R. Carrozza Plumbing over its failure to adequately train and supervise its employees on proper material handling procedures, which should have included utilizing sufficient workers and equipment to move cast iron pipes safely.

GWC also brought suit against the general contractor, Arco/Murray National Construction Company, for its failure to provide and maintain proper and firm ground conditions upon which cast iron pipe was permitted to be staged. Additionally, GWC alleged that the general contractor failed to enforce OSHA safety regulations pertaining to material handling on the job site.

Both Defendants insisted that they acted reasonably and that the incident and injuries sustained by the Plaintiff were not their fault.

Overwhelming Evidence of Cervical Disc Herniation and Concussion

The Plaintiff suffered a C5-6 herniated disk requiring a surgical fusion at that level. The Defendants claimed that this was a preexisting condition, but GWC obtained sworn testimony from the treating spinal surgeon that the cervical injury was causally related to the incident.

The Plaintiff also sustained a concussion with resulting long-term post-concussive syndrome. Again, the Defendants attempted to refute the glazier’s claims by retaining expert witnesses, but GWC produced overwhelming medical evidence of these serious neurological injuries from the client’s neurologists and his neuropsychologist.

Large Settlement Provides Financial Security

Based upon the strength of its arguments, GWC secured a settlement on behalf of the union glazier worth over $1,459,000.00, inclusive of a $107,138.00 waiver of the related workers’ compensation lien.

“Although every aspect of our client’s injuries and damages were strongly contested by the Defendants, we were able to present persuasive evidence of his injuries and provide him with a measure of financial security in reaching a settlement in this case,” said GWC partner Michael D. Fisher. “We are proud to have represented this fine union tradesman.”

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