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There are many situations in which an individual is legally responsible to others. When you drive a car, you are required to operate that car safely or be held accountable for the damage you do. To be held liable in a personal injury setting means a person or entity is legally responsible for the harm done to another through negligent or intentional conduct.



Personal Injury Lawsuits, Claims & Settlements

Our Illinois personal injury attorneys are experienced to handle many different areas of personal injury cases. Lawyer Michael Goldberg or another lawyer from our firm can help you figure out the best legal decisions to make while dealing with the difficult situation, such as a personal injury. Some of the different types of injury that your lawyer will be able to handle include:

  • Auto accident Being in a car wreck is stressful enough, even without suffering from a personal injury caused by such accident. Contact us and let an Illinois auto accident lawyer help you pursue reimbursement for medical expenses and other losses.
  • Catastrophic injuries If you suffer from severe and permanent injuries that require lifetime expenses, contact us today. A lawyer in Illinois will fight so you can receive the money that can cover the cost of past, present and future medical expenses and that will help provide for yourself and your family.
  • Medical Malpractice When a healthcare professional fails to provide a reasonable standard of care to you or a loved one, the results can be devastating. If you have been injured as a result of surgical negligence, being misdiagnosed or were hurt due to any medical malpractice, contact a lawyer from Goldberg, Weisman, and Cairo to fight for your personal injury case. We can help you fight for the best personal injury compensation.
  • Premises Liability If you or a loved one has suffered injuries due to improperly maintained property, contact GWC, and let the best premises liability attorneys in our lawyer team in Illinois fight in order to recover the money lost due to medical expenses and other personal injury damages.
  • Products Liability If you or someone you know has been hurt due to an improperly designed or manufactured product, call GWC, today. At times, such defects can be the main cause of a vehicle accident. Let a Illinois medical device litigation lawyer handle your case and fight for the money that you deserve.
  • Wrongful Death Experiencing the death of a loved one can be devastating, but when the loved one’s death is caused due to an avoidable accident or deliberate act, it can make things much harder. Let us provide a skilled and compassionate Illinois wrongful death lawyer in who will assist you with receiving the personal injury compensation that you and your family deserves during these tough times.



An Lawyer Can Prove Personal Injury Liability

Every personal injury case in Illinois involves a question of liability. If you are injured using a product you purchased at a hardware store, there are several parties who may have been liable for what you suffered. The designer of the tool, the manufacturer of the tool, and the store that sold the tool may all have failed in their duty to you as a consumer.

Goldberg Weisman Cairo is the largest personal injury and workers’ compensation lawyer team in Illinois. At GWC, our Illinois lawyer team has substantial experience in a wide range of liability cases. We can quickly and accurately identify all parties who may be held liable for the injuries you suffered. This allows us to pursue maximum compensation for our clients and ensure that they get the results they deserve. We have successfully handled cases involving many forms of liability, including:

  •                Premises Liability
  •                Product Liability
  •                Transportation Liability

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident in Illinois, we can help you seek compensation for medical costs, lost wages, disability, disfigurement, pain and suffering and other expenses arising from your injuries. To learn more about our skilled personal injury attorneys in Illinois, call us today to schedule a free consultation. A lawyer from our firm will fight for your personal injury rights.



Find an Illinois Personal Injury Lawyer from GWC

Personal injuries are the result of another person’s harmful acts that result in physical or psychological injuries, or possibly wrongful death. Personal injuries are unexpected, and may cause many alterations to your life. These injuries can be considered accidental or intentional. You may end up in debt from not being able to work, long term care and outrageous medical bills. Damages like this can be scary, but there is hope for financial recovery through a personal injury lawsuit. An attorney in Illinois can help you with this.

A person in Illinois may be involved in a personal injury claim in many ways. The most common cases that we handle are sustained from vehicle accidents or work injuries, although we certainly take on more than just those case types. In addition to drivers and passengers being involved in a vehicle personal injury case, pedestrians and bystanders may be harmed as well, and have the right to file a claim. We are interested in hearing about any personal injury case type, and we have a lawyer waiting for you right now. Contact us at 1-800-486-1002.



About Our Personal Injury Attorneys

Contact our Illinois personal injury attorneys to get the best legal advice in Illinois. A lawyer from our firm will relieve you of the stress that is too often accompanied with expensive medical bills, loss of income and employment and insurance companies that want you to settle quickly. Our offices are located throughout Illinois. Put your case in the hands of a lawyer from Goldberg, Weisman and Cairo, and we will work hard to get you a fair compensation for your personal injury.


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